Risk Assessors

This list of people who carry out risk assessments is not exhaustive, nor does it represent individuals or organisations that we would recommend. Rather, it provides a starting point for people working within the Church’s safeguarding structures in Dioceses and Religious Orders to make contact and explore the possibility of employing these services for individual risk assessments.

Commissioning of these or other risk assessors should be done following guidance within the Catholic Church's policy on independent risk assessments. The policy specifies criteria to be met by independent risk assessors and can be accessed on the CSAS website; the essential requirements are summarised below.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has national policies and procedures governing how the Church should prevent abuse and respond to allegations and concerns that are made against people in a Church setting. In many cases where allegations are made, although statutory investigation may not lead to a finding of guilt in Court, concerns about continuing risks of abuse frequently remain and must be addressed if the Church is to protect vulnerable people of all ages. The Church believes that assessments of risk should be reasonable, professional and proportionate and the Church is committed to accessing high quality assessments to assist it in its valuable safeguarding work. The Church needs, therefore, to appoint people who are appropriately qualified, trained and experienced in assessment of child sex offenders in particular.

All organisations or individuals commissioned to undertake risk assessment of sex offenders must meet the following criteria:

  • Employ professional staff who are trained in and experienced in the assessment and treatment of sex offenders
  • Have clear arrangements for professional supervision of staff in place
  • Be able to demonstrate effective links to statutory safeguarding systems
  • Have experience in working co-operatively with statutory safeguarding agencies in England & Wales
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous professional development & appropriate professional networks, for example by Membership of NOTA (the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers)
  • Able to identify and address potential conflicts of interest.
  • Demonstrate victim awareness
  • Have adequate professional indemnity insurance
  • Have experience in the presentation of evidence to Courts
  • Have provided such services to more than one service user
  • References available

Name/Organisation Address Focus/Specialisation  
Charles Zeitlin
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Department of Clinical Psychology,
Princess Royal Hospital,
Lewes Road,
Haywards Heath,
West Sussex,
RH16 4EX

Tel: 01444 441881
Email: charles.zeitlin@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk
Chartered Clinical Psychologist.
Specialises in adult mental health.
Since 1988 involved with adults where child abuse has occurred

Childsafe Associates 2nd floor
145-157 St. John St.

Tel: 0845 056 5443
Email: info@childsafeassociates.com
Run by Professor David Middleton
Consultancy, training and research for public services in sex offender risk assessment and risk management
Contracted to the Independent Safeguarding Authority to provide reports for the DCSF.
Experience of presenting evidence to courts.

Dave Tregaskis The Granary,
School Lane,
B79 0DX

Tel: 07811 495725
Email: dave@tregaskisd.freeserve.co.uk
Founder member of West Midlands Sex Offender Unit.
Has worked with the Police in the area of public protection
Assessments typically involve three or four sessions with the subject of the assessment.
Average cost of an assessment is £1600 at a rate of £65 per hour
He has worked with men in the main but will work with women with a female colleague
Has conducted in excess of thirty risk assessments for the Catholic Church

David Heron Associates PO BOX 91,
Newton Abbott,
TQ12 5ZE

Tel: Not given
Email: Not given
Works independently, providing consultancy, assessment and treatment services to agencies concerned with child and public protection.  

Lucy Faithfull Foundation The Lucy Faithfull Foundation,
Bordesley Hall
The Holloway
B48 7QA

Tel: 01527 591 922
Email: bordesley@lucyfaithfull.org
Assist with:
  • Employer’s decision making regarding employees against whom allegations of a sexual nature have been made

  • Assessment and treatment of perpetrators to manage and reduce risk and identify and meet treatment needs

  • Management of male and female offenders in prison or under community supervision.


    Lyndon Herring,
    Independent Consultant,
    LH Assessments.
    LH Assessments
    PO Box 6957
    DE6 9AD
    Tel: 07760 112985
    Website: www.lhassessments.com
    Independent expert providing risk assessments in cases involving sexual abuse and domestic violence.
    Has 30 years experience of assessing and treating sexual and violent offenders within the criminal justice system.
    Has experience of appearing in the criminal and family courts as an expert witness, and is a member of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. Qualified to risk assess convicted or alleged sexual offenders - be they male, female, adult or adolescent.
    Has experience of providing services to faith groups.
    Provides consultancy re risk management/child and public protection issues, and referrals accepted from anywhere within the UK.


    National Clinical Assessment And Treatment Service (NCATS)
    Further information available through Fresh Start
    Tel: 0207 742 81500
    Assessment, treatment and consultation service for children and young people up to age 21 who have been victims or perpetrators of sexually harmful behaviour.
    Multi disciplinary team.
    The project is managed by the NSPCC and Islington Primary Care Trust.

    Several projects around the country provide independent assessments.
    As a central point of contact for enquiries, contact Steve Landy
    Steve Landy
    Children’s Services Manager
    South London Safer Communities Project

    Tel: 020 8256 5940
    Email: SLANDY@nspcc.ORG.UK
    Risk assessments on adults who have, or are alleged to have, sexually harmed children.

    Consultation on offender management and child safeguarding.

    Has provided risk assessments for faith organisations.

    Staff are from probation, social services and non-statutory agencies.

    Parsons Dowd Psychological Ltd Address: Not given
    Website: www.parsonsdowd.co.uk
    Tel: 0191 286 2831
    Email: office@parsonsdowd.co.uk
    Risk assessment by psychologists of sex offenders in criminal/civil cases. It is worth discussion to see what they can do outside this particular remit.  

    Paul Clark
    Independent Social Worker
    Independent Assessment & Consultancy
    PO Box 128
    LA5 5AG

    Tel: 07549 046 121
    Web: www.nwsac.org.uk
    Email: pclark@nwsac.org.uk
    Risk assessments on adults who have, or are alleged to have, sexually harmed children and young people. Consultation to agencies on safeguarding and risk management. Experience of safeguarding and undertaking risk assessments within faith settings. Experience as past member of Diocesan Safeguarding Commission. Based in North West. Referrals accepted nationally.  

    PDMH Consultancy PDMH Consultancy
    Suite 132
    57 Great George Street
    LS1 3AJ

    Telephone Number:+44 (0) 777-173-2104
    Helpline: Not Given
    Email: admin@pdmh-consultancy.com
    Website: www.pdmh-consultancy.com
    Mental Health Consultancy offering number of systemic services including:
    developing assessment and treatment services for victims of abuse;
    developing assessment and treatment services for perpetrators of abuse;
    improving staff selection;
    changing organisational cultures to enhance transparency;
    teaching and training; improving management practices;
    improving supervision practices;
    developing support groups for non-abusive men and women religious;
    improving the media portrayal of the RC Church in relation to management of abuse crisis.

    Phoenix Forensic Consultants
    Steve Lowe,Director
    PO Box 722
    GU7 9BS

    Tel: 01483 527857 or 07809 719210

    Risk assessment reports and devise short term treatment interventions for adult and adolescent males.
    Specialise in reports on individuals with an emphasis on people of faith.
    Have provided risk assessment reports to the Catholic Church and other religious organisations.
    Approach consists of Initial reading and preparation time; telephone and written liaison with referrer and any other agreed parties.
    Client interviews are normally up to 8 hours
    Review of interview material i.e. audio/video tapes and preparation for report
    Reading and or researching of other relevant material
    Provision of report

    Psychology Associates
    Sam Baeza & Philip Dodgson
    5 The Drive
    East Sussex
    BN3 3JD

    Tel: 01273 778123
    Email: admin@psychology-associates.com
    Sam Baeza has completed several risk assessments on Catholic priests and clergy of other denominations. He works mainly in the south coastal area up to London region. Costs are £130 per hour and include reading of background papers, interviews and report.  

    St Luke's Centre St Luke's Centre
    Danesfield Road
    M16 8BT

    Tel: 0161 226 4563
    Email: info@stlukescentre.org.uk
    Professional risk assessment

    Case management consultation

    Treatment planning

    Focus on priests and men and women Religious.

    Tim Rogers
    CEOP & Police Trained Consultant
    Tim Rogers Consulting

    Stone Walls
    Tilton Lane
    LE7 9DR

    0116 259 7084
    An independent Child Protection Consultant with unique experience and skills.
    A former detective working within the Police Public Protection Unit, proactively managing over 100 sex offenders.
    A member of the Child Exploitation Online Protection service academy.
    Qualified in the Forensic Behavioural Psychology and Risk Assessment of Child Sex Offenders (Uclan and CEOP)

    • Forensic interviews
    • Dynamic & static risk assessments to expert court witness level
    • Cold case reviews
    • Preliminary enquiry process, including forensic reports
    • Bespoke solutions to any areas of concern surrounding child protection, welfare and allegations

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